4 In 1 High Frequency Portable Electrode Wand For Skin Tightening

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    How does High Frequency make a difference in your skin?

    High Frequency is a safe and non-invasive approach to improving skin health. Using electrical currents delivered via a glass electrode, High Frequency stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface, warms the skin, and converts some oxygen from the environment into ozone. These actions may dramatically improve the look and feel of all skin types, and High Frequency is highly beneficial for aging skin, sun damaged skin, and acne concerns. 

    • Boosts circulation of blood to the skin surface, improving cellular health and skin immunity.
    • Helps support lymphatic movement and firm/contour the look of the face. 
    • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
    • Helps stimulate hair growth on the scalp and manage excess scalp oil. 
    • Improves desquamation of the skin to improve texture, restore vibrance, and help prevent breakouts. 
    • Softens blackheads and whiteheads for easy extraction, and minimizes pore appearance. 
    • Offers antimicrobial support of the skin to help reduce p. acnes bacteria and prevent cystic formation.
    This Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Facial Machine is one of the best selling professional-grade portable 4 in 1 high frequency facial machine chosen by spas, salons and home users for the treatment of acne and aging skin. It offers powerful skin rejuvenation, oxygenation and purification, all in one space-saving unit and includes 4 interchangeable high frequency electrodes to facilitate the treatment of the following:
    • Softens fine lines and wrinkles

    • Firms and tones sagging skin

    • Clears acne and refines large pores

    • Relieves area puffiness

    • Renews skin texture and tone

    • Promotes healthier hair growth

    • Enhances skin care product penetration

    • Reducing folliculate and improving healthy hair growth

    Note: We do not recommend using this system for more than 5-10 minutes per treatment, per day. Limiting the use of the system to once per day is a safe, recommended frequency of treatment as it allows your skin to properly process and benefit from the high frequency stimulus.

    Face and Body High Frequency Device

    • High Frequency Handle
    • Oval/Spoon Electrode with Red Light for the Face
    • Umbrella Electrode with Red Light for the Face and Body
    • Drop Electrode with Blue/Violet light for Acne Lesions or Crow’s Feet
    • Comb Electrode with Red/Orange Light for Hair/Scalp Treatment

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