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    Fabric Resistance Bands

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    Our Fabric Resistance Bands are the ultimate tool for a tight and toned lower body.

    The set of three bands of varied resistance are all the same size allowing for a wide variety of exercises and progression between bands without altering your stance or form.

    The non-slip grip and soft fabric material makes these bands extra comfortable to use without any rolling, sliding or pinching. As a bonus, you won’t find our unique colour pallet anywhere else !


    Fabric Resistance Bands Glute Bridge


    Fabric resistance bands are the perfect product for toning your legs and glutes. Take your workouts to the next level by adding heavy duty resistance to workouts such as squats, lunges, hip thrusts and kickbacks. Or get creative with your resistance bands and find new movements that will keep you engaged and in the moment.


    Fabric Resistance bands for Yoga and Pilates


    Perfect for improving your Yoga and Pilates practice. Strengthen your holds and movements by adding fabric resistance bands in one of three levels of resistance, helping you improve your base stability and control.


    Our fabric resistance bands are made from a durable, high quality fabric material that will not break and maintain its resistance over time and use. The soft cotton can also be worn directly over bare skin without causing irritation or discomfort.


    A double layer of extra grip rubber on the inside of each band prevents the resistance band from sliding or rolling during exercise, helping you focus on the quality of your movements without disruption.


    Three strength levels (light, medium and heavy) are included in each set, giving you the ability to vary resistance based on your level of fitness and the type of exercise. You will never run out of options for exercises to do with your KALPRATM fabric resistance bands for fast and effective results.


    All resistance bands are the same size. We have varied the strength of each band to change the resistance, not the band size. That means every band will fit perfectly for maintaining consistency in your workouts. A sleek and stylish mesh bag enables you to take your bands anywhere. Workout at the gym, in your home or outdoors.

    • Green 10-20 lbs.
    • Pink 20-30 lbs.
    • Blue 30-40 lbs.
    • Multiple Uses: Use them for BOOTY BUILDING exercises like squats, hip thrusts, kickbacks, etc.
    • Rehab: Booty Bands can be used for warm-ups and glute activation exercises before working out
    • Levels of resistance: Light (Green), Medium (Pink), Heavy (Blue) - Our Booty Bands are CUSTOM MADE!
    Package include:
    3*squat resistance belt
    1*Mesh bag (black)

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