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Namaste Yoga

Namaste Yoga

Namaste Yoga

How It Started
History would relay that this system of healing dated back about three thousand years ago, namaste yoga is a kind of Thai massage with roots that can be traced back in India. This primordial religious practice is actually a fusion of Buddhist customs and Ayurvedic medications. With a local name of ìnuad boram,î the teachings of this ancient spiritual routine came from the Vedas and Upanishads, original settlers in an Asian country blessed with rich cultures.

Folk legend has it that namaste yoga can be well attributed to a physician, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. If you can obtain a copy of the holy book of the Buddhists, you will learn that he is mentioned in Pali Canon. His teaching propagated in the entire of Asia, most especially in the southeastern coast. Natives of Thailand were able to embrace this primordial religious practice somewhere between in the second and third century B.C.

The Spirit Behind
The core of namaste yoga is combined with the principles of Gautama Buddha, a guru from India and the father of Buddhism. In the past, this primordial religious practice was rampantly performed in temples as a manner to cultivate the pious states of the religion namely Uppekha (acceptance), Metta (loving kindness), Mudita (sympathetic joy) and Karuna (compassion). This ancient spiritual routine was highly considered as a practical application of internalization. It is said that for the hidden energy to be realized, there should be an accompanying intention for an influential aftermath.

How It Works
The theory behind namaste yoga is based on the concept that energy is the most basic level of all kind of life forms. In Sanskrit, power is coined as ìpranaî or ìchiî in Chinese, can be found in plenty of varieties, be the extremely gross down to infinitely subtle. A figurative illustration would be the cosmic dance of gods Ying and Yang, Sun and Moon or Shakti and Shiva. This ancient spiritual routine deems that within the body of humans, vigor flows along the meridian known as a network of channels.

In the age- old ritual of namaste yoga, the number of nadis reached about 72, 000. With each having a specific function to be dealt with, there are three main lines of this primordial religious practice such as Pingkala, Ida and Sushumna. This ancient spiritual routine is generally about deep healing with a combination of cadenced massage. There is the inclusion of acupuncture, meditation, stretching and twisting all in a single package.

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