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Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga
Raja means kingly or royal. This form of meditation is
based on bringing the mind and emotions into balance
or harmony so that your attention may be easily
directed on the object of your meditation or on the
Lord directly.

Life force is generally a movement up and down the
spine so that it becomes balanced and the emotions as
well as the mind are serenely content.

Awareness is then directed to move forward into a
point that is located in the center of one’s lower
forehead. This meditation point, which is also called
the ajna, or third eye, is located about 1 half inches
above where the eyebrows meet.

When the energy becomes balanced throughout your body
and brain and moves effortlessly into the area of the
ajna, calmness seems to overtake your mind.

Certainly your mind is not passive but it frees itself
from the meaningless worries, thoughts and clutter of
the subconscious mind.

You derive a pleasant sense of well being in this
state and your mind seems to be filled with a velvety

As your consciousness courses toward your third eye,
different pastel colors appear in your forehead. There
are sumptuous, glorious pinks, whites, indigos,
purples, yellows, blues and green that take their turn
in your forehead.

As your life force becomes stronger and more
concentrated you may think you see lightning,
fireflies or moonlight. This whole process is getting
you ready to experience your true nature.

The person who practices raja yoga in its purest form
lives in bless with the will completely surrendered to

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