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Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Bolsters
Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are cushions that are shaped to fit its use for the various styles of yoga such as Ananda, Kripalu, and Bikram yoga, and are basically designed to give support to certain body parts, specifically the abdomen, legs, and back, to enable yogis to pull off a number of yoga poses, as well as being able to perform it more comfortably.

A very useful yoga equipment in performing Supine and passive postures, yoga bolsters acts as a support for straitening even the most inflexible backbone in instances where a yogi requires to properly heap the spine and align the body. Aside from being a support, when used with a yoga mat serves as a lower body cushion that makes a more comfortable yoga session. Yoga bolsters can also be utilized to ease tension in the upper and lower back, abdomen, legs, and neck in performing difficult poses.

This yoga equipment also come in an assortment of sizes, colors, materials, and shapes designed to better fit one’s preference and need. However, there are several types of yoga bolsters, as well as various kinds that one should know about to be able to choose which one best suits the need. Here are some types of yoga bolsters, each having their unique dissimilar purpose:

Rectangular Bolsters
This yoga bolsters helps stretch and relaxes the body in the most needed areas, generally under the knees, and to relieve lower back pressure.

Cylindrical Bolsters
These bolsters are used either parallel or perpendicular to the spine, or to lengthen the lower back through placing it under the knees. They are also excellent support for yoga forward bends, as well as for many other yoga poses.

This is used for raising the hips, and rendering whatever cross-legged type of yoga sitting position to be stable. Zafu is perfect for people who perform yoga meditation.

Breathing Bolster
This type of yoga bolsters assists in breathing deeper easily and relaxing. It is generally used to provide support to the long muscles on the two side of the spine, enabling them to fully relax. It is also used as inclined surface, allowing the right and left sides of the chest to drop and stretch towards the floor, permitting deeper and slower breathing.

Yoga bolsters are best utilized for meditation as it can offer the comfort needed when sitting down, especially on hard surfaces; they are also very portable and easily stored in one corner of the room, a closet, or drawer without taking much space.

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