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Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga
Jnana Yoga

Jnana means discernment or wisdom. Jnana yoga
literally means the path of wisdom. Ynana meditation
is multi-faceted. When one uses jnana meditation, one
tries to withdraw the mind and the emotions from
perceiving life. The one who participates in this form
of meditation tries to become tuned into reality or to
the spirit.

One of the main ways that the yogi of discernment
meditates, is to patiently lay aside all feeling and
though until he or she feels the radiant glow of the
soul dawning in the heart and mind. Transformation and
enlightenment take place within the rapt meditator.
One of the ways this is accomplished is through a
process called neti-neti.

Neti-neti Meditation

The meaning of neti-neti is "not this, not this".

Whenever a feeling or thought comes into your mind
which is not one of the goals of the meditation or
which is not of the inner self, just say "Not this,
not this" and dismiss the image, sound, thought,
concept or sense distraction.

Any feeling or thought is patiently dismissed time and
again, if necessary, until your mind is cleared and
your soul is revealed.

Remember that you should not meditate in a passive
way. This state of consciousness is referred to as
alertness and is an amazing application of awareness.

As you form the habit of saying "neti-neti", you will
be able to discard any doubt, worry or fear and become
established in the realm of inner self. You will then
be able to look back at fear and worries with deep
insight and be able to handle them.

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